Plastic bags in the ocean end up consumed by human as they break down into microplastics.

Human Plastic Consumption

The University of Newcastle, Australia, was recently commissioned by the WWF to analyse plastic ingestion. The result of the study was particularly...

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soda.c clear as glass shiny surface cleaner reusable glass bottle held in hand.

Cleaning Tip - Dusting

When dusting, spray a little soda.c onto your dusting cloth. Making the cloth a little damp will help hold the dust rather than just move it around...

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soda.c clear as glass shiny surface cleaner and biodegradable cloth

Biodegradable v Degradable

A lot of plastics are degradable, not biodegradable, meaning an item is able to breakdown into natural elements . Find out the difference here.

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“One of the biggest contributors to plastic waste in Australia is packaging, of which there is just under one million tonnes in our marketplace at any given time. Only about 32% of this is recovered and less than 5% is made of recycled plastic.” 

WWF Australia