Concentrated Cleaning to Reduce our Plastics

Eradicating all plastics is not achievable or even ideal. There are a lot of great uses of plastics, take a look at the Seabin Project. Plastic is an important part of their infrastructure, it is a lightweight material that is strong and hard-wearing which makes the collection of sea waste possible.

It is the 100’s of items that we use disposable plastics, or SUP (single-use plastics), that we really need to reconsider using at all. There are so many really good alternatives out there now and we need to make these the norm so we can end single use plastics. e.sup was founded on this premise.

With our reusable spray bottle, one small cylinder of soda.a - all-purpose cleaner takes at least 8 standard plastic cleaning bottles off the shelves, often more than that.

Most household cleaning sprays contain more than 90% water. With e.sup's soda range, you add the water. That means we can reduce our carbon footprint by transporting just 1, lighter than 100g, cylinder instead of 8 mostly water filled plastic bottles which together would weigh more than 4kgs.

Concentrates make sense!

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