Cleaning Tip - Reviving your Kettle

Have you looked inside your kettle lately? If it has been a while best to take a quick peek, your kettle can get a build up of material that is boiled out of the water.

Don't worry it is a quick and easy fix!  Here are the steps:

  1. Fill your kettle with water
  2. Cut up a few wedges of lemon and place them inside the kettle squeezing a little juice into the water.  
  3. Boil the kettle. Whilst boiling, the acid of the lemon will clean the inside of your kettle and leave it sparkling clean again.  
  4. Pour the lemony boiling water into your toilet or a stagnant drain to freshen it up.
  5. Refill your kettle to reboil ready for your next cup of tea.

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Joginder Singh September 27, 2022

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