Why concentrates are the way forward

Save space, save energy, save the planet.

“One of the biggest contributors to plastic waste in Australia is packaging, of which there is just under one million tonnes in our marketplace at any given time. Only about 32% of this is recovered and less than 5% is made of recycled plastic.”  WWF Australia

The impact of plastics on our environment is real, some eight million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans every year. We have all seen the images of the devastating effects on wildlife and the environment. Recycling is really important but why not find alternatives to using plastics to reduce our need to recycle.  This is where concentrates with a reusable bottle make sense.  Removing the need for plastic recycling and reducing waste.  In a country like Australia, where our water quality is very good, we don’t need to be buying our water out of bottles.  Have you seen the water analysis conducted by War on Waste in 2018? 

So whether it is water for drinking or water in our cleaning products tap is just as good!  This is why e.sup has introduced plastic free cleaning products that allow you to refill rather than just replace.

Further Info and Reading:

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