Cleaning Tip - Hidden Bacteria

Bacteria can be found everywhere and a little of some bacterias can actually be good for us!  We all know that our mobile phone and TV remote are often considered the most dirty surfaces in the house and should be cleaned regularly. There are also a few places we should also check every so often:
  1. The under side of your dining table and chairs.  Coming from someone with a glass table trust us on this one.  Even if you can't necessarily see the underside of your table there are going to be germs under there.  Just how many is dependent on whether you have kids and their age!  
  2. Vases, bottles and cannisters.  Items that hold, or are often around, water are more likely to have mould or bacteria sitting in and underneath them.  Wipe them dry each time you use them to avoid this.
  3. Inside your drains.  Make sure you lift the drain covers on your floor and basin waste every so often.  They will more likely than not need some attention.  Using an old toothbrush can be a good way of getting into these small spaces.
  4. Inside your kettle.  Material boiled out of the water is often left on the bottom and sides of your kettle.  See our previous post on Reviving your Kettle.

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