Cleaning Tip - Easy bathroom cleaning

Bathrooms can be one of the worst cleaning jobs but sometimes the most rewarding! Make cleaning your bathroom a little easier with a few tips...

  • Start by gathering all the equipment you need to clean your bathroom, from the vacuum to cloths, mops, buckets and cleaning products.
  • Vacuum the floor first, much easier to do while it is dry.
  • Apply your cleaning product to everything. Starting with the toilet, usually the most dirty, and then working your way around to the bath and shower.  This allows the products to do some of the hard work for you.  
We prefer:
    • Leave the basin until the rest of the bathroom is clean so you can use this to help you clean the rest of the room.
    • Sometimes it works to leave the shower until last so you can get in and have a shower while you rinse it down, this can kill two birds with one stone.
    • While you are mopping the floor use the mop to do the tiled walls, especially around the toilet.
    • Finish off all the shiny surfaces with soda.c to make sure all the cleaning residue is gone, the shiny surfaces are the most satisfying!
    • Overnight, or while everyone is out during the day, keep the shower door open to allow air flow. Allowing the shower space to dry out will help prevent mould. 

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