A unique formulation of plant based concentrates and essential oils designed to remove grime, splashes and fingerprints from all your glassy surfaces leaving your windows, mirrors and shiny surfaces streak free and crystal clear.

This naturally based cleaner is toxin free and the fragrant essential oils make it a joy to clean with.

And, because the plastic free packaging is custom-made to fit just the right amount of active ingredients for you to dilute yourself, your conscious choice is making a difference, every time.

This cleaning kit comes with at least 16 refills, not just 1 or 2!  soda.c is super concentrated, some of our customers reduce the scoop to half to get double the use.  

With half a scoop that is less than $1 per bottle!  

Made in Australia using natural ingredients.

soda.c clear as glass shiny surface - natural cleaner with 16 refills


Add one level scoop of the soda.c powder to the reusable glass spray bottle. Add water, swirl the bottle until diluted, and clean away.

For best results, team this eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner with the e.sup reusable bio cleaning cloth.

You can also put a small scoop into a bucket of hot water to clean your windows or mop your floors.

Sprinkle a pinch on your sink or basin for that extra clean and shine.

Each cylinder makes approximately 16 refills of the spray bottle. When it’s empty simply recycle the cylinder and keep reusing your spray bottle (wash the bottle and spray regularly for best results). Don’t forget to order a refill too, or subscribe and save.

e.sup sodas have not been tested on wood or natural stones (such as marble).

Switching to e.sup is the change that keeps on giving. As well as removing single use plastics from your cleaning routine, you’ll also be able to clean with a smile knowing that 10% of all our profits goes to supporting The Seabin Project.

• Scientific formulation of natural, active ingredients for a powerful clean
• Single-use plastic-free packaging
• Antimicrobial properties to remove and prevent the growth and spread of unwanted microbes
• A natural relaxing sweet citrus fragrance
• Vegan-friendly ingredients
• Made in Australia

e.sup’s scientifically-developed formula delivers powerful natural cleaning. So what do we include in our formula? Our soda range has been developed in partnership with a Sydney based formulations laboratory. This highly experienced lab has trained experts who understand the importance of quality ingredients in the right blend. Together we have created a natural yet highly effective concentrated cleaning solution in a powder.

- Sodium Coco Sulfate
- Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
- Naturally derived enzyme blend, especially formulated for shiny surface cleaning
- Pure essential oil blend
- Active Polymer
- Odourless alcohol
- Sodium Bicarbonate
- Sodium Carbonate
- Benzyl Alcohol

• NO Ammonia
• NO Formaldehyde
• NO Parabens
• NO Propylene Glycol
• NO Triethanolamine
• NO Palm Oil
• NO Mineral Oils
• No Artificial Colours or Fragrance
• NO lemon essential oil which can be an irritant for pets
• NEVER tested on animals

Maybe we’re biased, but we think soda.b is the best bathroom cleaner in Australia. Why? Because not only does it deliver a truly powerful clean with no nasties, it also actively reduces the amount of single use plastic on our planet.

Did you know that typical household cleaning products are more than 90% water? That’s a lot of plastic packaging to transport something you can get with the turn of a tap in your own house. There’s no single-use plastic in sight with e.sup’s sodas - just a concentrated, powerful natural cleaning powder.

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