Upgrade your cleaning with gorgeous glass refillable spray bottles. 

Our frosted reusable glass spray bottles are perfect for any home. 

Why our customers love them:

  • Lightweight and not heavy like some of the larger glass bottles. 
  • The ergonomic design fits beautifully in your hand.
  • The unique size will fit into almost any cupboard, drawer or shelf.
  • The silicone base for protection means no breakages. 
  • They look beautiful so you don't need to hide them away!

Make a change for the planet and clean with a "forever" bottle.


  • 1 x 250ml refillable glass all-purpose spray bottle with silicone base and canon trigger spray
  • 1 x 250ml refillable glass clear as glass spray bottle with silicone base and canon trigger spray
  • first use of concentrated powder will already be inside each bottle with the most amazing natural citrus fragrance - just add water!

Useful tip: more than one bottle can make your life easy, one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom.  Multiple bottles but you only need one powder refill container to be able to have a refill for each bottle on hand when you need it.

Refillable Glass Spray Bottle Duo - Set of 2

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