Recycling good news!

Following the collapse of the RedCycle programme we have been looking for recycling alternatives.

There may be recycling in your area that you aren't aware of. Curby is a soft plastic recycling programme where you can include your soft plastics in your council recycling bin.

Curby is available in these council areas:

  • Central Coast
  • Mosman
  • Newcastle
  • Willoughby

If you are within one of these council's more information is available here.

If, like us, you would like your council to adopt the Curby programme please do the survey on the Curby website here.

There is also another great recycling initiative by our friends at Go For Zero. Collect some of the things that are difficult to recycle like bread tags, coffee pods, make up packaging, toothbrushes and send them to Go For Zero in Queensland and they will recycle it for you.  They will even provide store vouchers to encourage you to participate. Find out more here.

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