Cleaning Tip - Bathroom Renovation for Easy Cleaning

Renovating your bathroom is one of the most exciting home renovations you can do. It can make a huge difference to your home living and enhance your property value. A functional bathroom is just as important as the style and look. Spend the time planning your project and you will have a much more successful experience and end result for your bathroom renovation.

Here we have some great tips on renovating your bathroom for an easy clean at the other end:


Larger format tiles with minimal grout will be much easier to clean than a small mosaic style tile.  Consider this when selecting the flooring in particular. Maybe if these are your dream tiles, put them onto a wall that has minimal water contact.

If it is within the budget underfloor heating is a godsend.  Not only does it feel amazing on those cold winter mornings, it will help dry out your bathroom preventing mould and mildew growing.

Window Style and Placement 

If at all possible, position your window on the opposite wall to your door, this will provide better ventilation with greater airflow across the whole room. Airflow is the key to preventing mould and mildew as the water is more likely to dry and not sit allowing it to grow.

Shower Door

Not having a shower door can make your showering experience a little drafty and cold but an open shower can help with ventilation and reduce the presence of mould. If you prefer a shower door then make sure you leave it open overnight or while you are not home so it has a better chance of drying and not holding stagnant water.

Basin Style

Beware of a flat bottomed basin!  Especially if you have kids, you might find toothpaste, hand wash/soap fairly regularly just sitting in the basin as it hasn't as much chance of making it down the waste as a curved surface!

Tile Selection

Porcelain is the definitely the most easy clean surface, if you are looking for super low maintenance then this is the way to go. If you are set on a marble or natural stone then try to position these away from direct water and they shouldn't cause you much headache.

In the end you make whatever selections you love but just take a minute to consider the upkeep!

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