Another reason to put down that salt shaker!

There are so many medical reasons to try to maintain a low salt diet.  Microplastics is another!

A study, conducted by scientists in Asia, showed that more than 90% of table salt brands tested contained microplastics.  With PET and PP plastics accounting for the majority of all particles. PET plastics (recycling code #1) are largely used in water and soft drink bottles.  PP plastics (recycling code #5) are typically used for food containers, cosmetics and cleaning products.

These salts were largely sea salts and river salts, unlike rock salts which are mined underground and formed in pre-plastic time.  Sea salts and lake salts are usually produced by crystallisation where the water is evaporated by heat and wind.  Pollutants found in these water find their way into the end product. 

The results suggested that, on average, a human will ingest several hundred microplastic particles each year from salt alone.

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